Minecraft Hosting on dedicated server - Dell 1950 Dual Quad Core 1.6 Ghz 32 GB 1 IP Plan
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Payment Plans Subscription Fee
Monthly Subscription $89.99/ month Add to cart
6 Month Subscription $85.49/ month . You save 5.0% Add to cart
Annual Subscription $80.99/ month . You save 10.0% Add to cart

Server Configuration

  • QuadCore E5310
  • 8 GB DDR2
  • Single Power Supply
  • 500GB SATA
  • NONE
  • Rackmount


Full access to the server through SFTP and SSH

A friendly web admin panel control with following features:

  • Create multiple servers
  • Create different type of servers (Minecraft, CraftBukkit, Spigot)
  • Start and stop servers
  • Update servers configuration
  • Upload new map to server
  • Change map
  • Add new plug-ins
  • RCON commands with all available commands for admin
  • View server logs